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Brod Whittaker
Brod Whittaker
Brod Whittaker

My name is Brod Whittaker, I’ve been free diving and spearfishing for over 30 years. Being apart of the underwater world has been a life long obsession embedded deep in my soul, following proudly in the footsteps of my father.

Beneath the surface an unpredictable adventure awaits, its a place where I’m able to escape the realities of life while experiencing some of the most incredible encounters with the thrill of an epic hunt, not much tops that for me! To become a successful underwater hunter you need to developed a profound understanding and loving respect for all the oceans’ inhabitants.

Spearfishing is so much more than just a sport, it is a deep appreciation for your surroundings, combined with a quest for personal achievement as you conquer the depths of a potential prey.

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