Surf Rules

surfer dropping in

Respect LocalsDon’t be that guy… Right of WayThe fundamental rule in surfing tells us that the surfer closest to the peak always gets priority.In other words, if you’re paddling for a right-hand wave, and a fellow surfer is on your left shoulder, you must give priority to him or her. Don’t Drop InIn surfing, the […]

I AM This short film shares a perspective of shift towards a conscious lifestyle through the heart of Richard Kidd.The intention, to inspire beings to re-create their personal relationship to and with the present moment. Filmed, Directed and Edited by Timothy HayScript written by Richard KiddThanks to Greg Kitto for the Stock footage from the Ballito […]

Brod Whittaker – Rubber Scales

Rubberscales “My love for free dive filming and my quest to get as close as humanly possible with just a camera in hand is in many ways more rewarding.” My name is Brod Whittaker, I’ve been free diving and spearfishing for over 30 years. Being apart of the underwater world has been a life long […]