Please clear your broswer history, then Logout and Log back in. Should be be good to go.

Please refresh your browser and try again, if a few people are on Pay Fast at the same time, Pay Fast seems to not handle it too well. We are querying this with them. 

No fee, we are on a month to month structure. If you want to cancel, please go to menu, my account and then subscriptions.

Please click this link from your phone and follow the instructions from our Telegram bot.

Register means becoming a free user where you will have access to site but with limited viewing and adverts. Login means logging into you account once you are a regsitered or subscribed user. Subscribe means paying for Oceaneye and having full access to everything.

It still is free but you have limited viewing and lots of ads. The paid model is to keep the cameras running as costs are expensive. We want users to have a premium experience and we do not want to rely on advertisers and rather rely on user based content and giving our paid users the best experience. We have more cameras to roll out and more features to come. We feel that R49 / month is fair as we saving our users way more in fuel and time. We will also be supporting conservation and helping to get rid of Ocean pollution and 10% of your subscription will go into saving our Oceans. Thank you to all of you, who have subscribed and for all your support. 

Our payment platform is through Payfast and they accept most cards so please give it a try.

The High Vis is our best package. Yes it is the same price as our “closer look” package and that is because the first 5000 subscribers will get the High Vis package at a discount.

First off please try clear your browser history. If you are a paying user, please go to menu, my account and Log in. If not registered the please register first and then go to menu, my account and log in.

Please clear your broswer history, then Logout and Log back in. Should be be good to go.

Please try go to menu ( three lines at top right) and select another page, what has happened is that if you have made a home screen icon for Oceaneye on your phone it might be taking you to a page where the name has changed and not available anymore. 

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